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The Cornish Cream Tea Bus

The Cornish Cream Tea Bus by Cressida McLaughlin

Isn’t it pretty?!

Okay, I must admit – this review is well overdue, as I actually bought and read this book quite a while ago, back when it was published in 2019. But I think being given two more of Cressida McLaughlin’s wonderful books for Christmas is the perfect occasion to remember how much I enjoyed the first one.

Seeing it in the little bookshop in Wadebridge, the first thing I noticed about the book was – not surprisingly – the beautiful cover and that little word “Cornish”. Of course, then I realised it was surrounded by other books about/set in Cornwall, so I’ll admit I did get a little distracted for a few minutes … but I returned to this one because it had another one of my favourite things right there in the title: “cream tea”. Combine this with my love of baking and it was obvious that that had to be the book I would take with me!

To be honest, my expectations for the story were not too high (which I really regret now!) – something easy to read, slightly predictable and with a happy ending. But what I got was quite a bit more than that: I just felt so happy while reading it, and there were plenty of times I burst out laughing (which doesn’t happen to me that often, I should add). And not everything turned out quite as I was expecting … It was a real feel-good book and when I found out that there would be more, I knew I wanted to see how the story continues. Yes, I admit I forgot about it for a little while (there are so many books out there, you know), but now, finally, I will!

So if you’re looking for a book that’s easy to read and will let you forget the crazy world we’re living in right now, and if you can’t get enough of Cornwall and cream teas (I mean, who can?!), then this might be just what you need.  

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