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How to stop time

Posted by Amy on  September 20, 2020
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Book recommendation: How to Stop Time  I just finished reading How to Stop Time, a novel by Matt Haig. Apart from it being full of historical facts – which I found very interesting – I love the style of writing and that the plot takes place in different times, jumping back and forth from the main character’s current life to his past and back again. This isn’t a new idea of course, but to me,
Describing relatives: great-aunt or grandaunt? Don’t ask me why (cause I can’t remember), but the other day I found myself thinking: Why would I call my grandmother’s sister my great-aunt? Shouldn’t she be my grandaunt? So as I’d been meaning to learn more about the different terms for describing relatives anyway, this finally gave me the incentive to do it. And guess what? Turns out, this is a mistake I never knew I was making;

the importance of research

Posted by Amy on  September 7, 2020
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The importance of research Today I’d like to write about why it is important to do research on the topics you want to include in your writing, even if they don’t play a big part in the main story. Last year, I wrote a paper for uni in which I compared two novels that include a lot of references to music; in fact, both the main characters run record shops. I wanted to find out

Present Simple vs Present Progressive Tense

Posted by Amy on  August 30, 2020
Category: English Grammar
Present Simple vs Present Progressive Tense Most of the time, it’s quite obvious when to use the present simple tense and when the present progressive tense. But now and then, you might find yourself wondering – what are the actual rules that tell us which tense to use? How do I know that it’s right to say “I work in an office”, but “I am working outside at the moment”? It depends on the context

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