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musings on silent letters

Posted by Amy on  October 31, 2020
Category: fun language facts
My musings on silent letters Have you ever wondered why there is a silent “k” at the beginning of “knight”, “knitting”, “know(ledge)”, “knob”, and so on? Or why there are so many silent letters in the English language in general? Once I started researching these questions, I realised that the answers are actually pretty simple in most cases. Let’s take the word “knight”. It seems that the “k” at the beginning of this word used

Passive Voice

Posted by Amy on  October 24, 2020
Category: English Grammar
Passive Voice Formation: „to be“ + past participle (3rd form) When should you use the passive voice? Passive voice is generally used (see what I did there?) when the person or thing which is doing the action (the subject) is not important, or less important than the action or object itself. It is also useful when the subject is unknown, or to add further information. Changing an active sentence to a passive one means that

The Return Journey by Steve Bull

Posted by Amy on  October 8, 2020
Category: books
Just a quick recommendation … The Return Journey by Steve Bull Last year I had the great pleasure to proofread The Return Journey by Steve Bull, published by Red Door Press. While I’ll admit his style of writing took a bit of getting used to, I really loved reading and working on this book. Reading a memoir is such a different experience to reading novels, and it felt so special to be allowed to learn

Present Perfect vs Past Perfect

Posted by Amy on  September 27, 2020
Category: English Grammar
Present Perfect vs Past Perfect Tense Another common source of errors, especially as it’s so easy to hit the “s” rather than the “d” (or vice versa) on a keyboard without noticing! Luckily, it’s usually not that hard to figure out which tense to use. Present perfect: have/has + past participle Use it for recent actions or events that are still relevant at the time of writing, or if the window of time in which

How to stop time

Posted by Amy on  September 20, 2020
Category: Uncategorized
Book recommendation: How to Stop Time  I just finished reading How to Stop Time, a novel by Matt Haig. Apart from it being full of historical facts – which I found very interesting – I love the style of writing and that the plot takes place in different times, jumping back and forth from the main character’s current life to his past and back again. This isn’t a new idea of course, but to me,

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