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The Cornish Cream Tea Bus

Posted by Amy on  February 7, 2021
Category: books
The Cornish Cream Tea Bus by Cressida McLaughlin Isn’t it pretty?! Okay, I must admit – this review is well overdue, as I actually bought and read this book quite a while ago, back when it was published in 2019. But I think being given two more of Cressida McLaughlin’s wonderful books for Christmas is the perfect occasion to remember how much I enjoyed the first one. Seeing it in the little bookshop in Wadebridge,
More words I’ve learnt from books The list goes on! Here are a few more words I think I’ve only come across in books or other written text. irate [eye-rate; aɪreɪt]very angry, furiousHe had an irate look in his eyes.lucubration [lu-kiub-ration; ˌluːkjʊˈbreɪʃən]investing a lot of time and effort into studying; particularly at nightserious literary work (such as a result of this study)Helen was impressed by her sister’s lucubration.doughty [doubt-y; daʊti]brave, hardy, determinedShe was a doughty

Must, have to or have got to?

Posted by Amy on  January 14, 2021
Category: English Grammar
Must, have to or have got to? Have you ever wondered why there are different ways to describe a need or obligation to do something, and if you picked the right one? No? Just me? Oh well, I’m going to explain it anyway. Here goes! must is generally used when the obligation comes from the speaker, or from internal reasonsthe speaker is expressing a personal obligation – not an external oneI must call my friend

Looking for Christmas books

Posted by Amy on  November 29, 2020
Category: books
Looking for Christmas Books Really looking forward to rereading this beautiful edition of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that I was given a couple of years ago 😍 But I’m also looking for other must-reads for the Christmas season! So, any recommendations? A collection of short stories perhaps, or any novels set around Christmas? Comment below! 🎄🎄
Words I’ve learnt from books How often do you read words that you don’t recognise? Maybe you can tell what they mean, but you’ve never seen them before? Or you do recognise them, but can’t remember their meaning? This used to happen to me a lot, and recently I’ve spotted a few fancy words that I’d like to share with you – including how to pronounce them, as that can also be an issue even

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