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How to stop time

Book recommendation: How to Stop Time

 I just finished reading How to Stop Time, a novel by Matt Haig. Apart from it being full of historical facts – which I found very interesting – I love the style of writing and that the plot takes place in different times, jumping back and forth from the main character’s current life to his past and back again. This isn’t a new idea of course, but to me, it’s a technique that always works. The plot is gripping and full of action without compromising on the characters or other important aspects of a great novel, like romance or humour (okay, it’s not exactly cheerful all the way through, but you’ll know what I mean when you’ve read it). The characters felt so real to me that I sometimes had to remind myself that it wasn’t a true story – apart from the historical parts of course! I really enjoyed it from start to finish, so thank you very much, Matt Haig.

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